Bible Exploration

Proverbs 9:10: According to this verse, what is the true source of wisdom?
Is this the first place you go for wise counsel? Why or why not?
What are some of our cultural substitutes for true wisdom and understanding?
John 8:44: What does it tell us about the nature of Satan, our adversary?
What is his primary language? Why do you think it’s sometimes easier to believe a lie than to
believe the truth?
Matthew 15:2–9 & Mark 7:13: What does Jesus say about legalism in these verses? Why do
you think people prefer rules to relationship with Jesus?
What about legalism shrinks our relationship with Him? What is the connection between
personal control and legalism?
Colossians 2:20–23: Why does Paul rail against rules like “Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not

How are these kinds of “commands” tied to our need to control? What does Paul mean by self-
imposed worship?

False humility? Harsh treatment of the body?
What are some modern day equivalents to these man-made commands?
Jude 9–10 & James 4:7: What happens when Christians resist the devil?
How does this encourage you today?
Romans 14:1–15:7: In this passage, what are the characteristics of the weaker believer?
What are the characteristics of the mature believer?

How is the mature believer supposed to treat the immature believer?
How does the law of love influence those who are stronger in the faith?
Exodus 1:15–22: In this poignant story, how did the Hebrew midwives obey God more than
man? What was their higher purpose?
Why did they do what they did?
Ezekiel 22:30–31 & 33:11: What does this say about God’s heart toward the wicked? In this
passage we see God looking for someone to stand in the gap.
What does that look like in today’s culture?
What are specific ways you can stand in the gap today?
What are 10 places in our neighborhood and in our city where Christ is not proclaimed?
1. ___________________________ 6. ____________________________
2. ___________________________ 7. ____________________________
3. ___________________________ 8. ____________________________
4. ___________________________ 9. ____________________________
5. ___________________________ 10. ___________________________

Deeper walk
Select at least one activity below to complete during the next week.
• Personal Action: Look over the list of ten venues. Find one way this week to support a
ministry working in these dark areas. (Prayer, finances, volunteering)
• Mentoring: Who do you know who best exemplifies the kind of wisdom shared in this lesson?
Write them a thank-you email, detailing the ways you appreciate the way they serve Jesus and
• Conversation: Take a chance this week to approach someone you don’t know. Ask lots of
questions. Find out about their story, their life. Practice mercy and wisdom during the
• Memorization: Text Matthew 9:13 to yourself. Whenever you see someone acting mercifully,
forward that text to them and thank them for their example (if you have their phone number!).

• Pray: Ask God to explode your idea of ministry boundaries. Dare to pray that He would lead
you into scary places for the sake of His name and the rescue of others.
• Read: For deeper study on the topic Read Daniel 7-12.