Bible Exploration
Why do quarrels turn people off from the gospel? What tends to be a better approach?
What are the negative connotations of humility? What is false humility?
What is the difference between a prideful person and a humble person? How did Jesus
demonstrate humility when He walked the earth?
Romans 12:3 and Galatians 6:3–4: What is humility not? What does it mean to have a sound
idea of who you are, neither stuck up nor being worm-like? What is the difference between
healthy self-esteem versus arrogant pride?
Matthew 11:29–30: Why is Jesus’s yoke light? What does He do in your life today that brings
rest to your soul? How does knowing Jesus carries your burdens produce a humble dependence
on Him (humility)?
Daniel 2:48–49: How did Daniel and his friends demonstrate that humility is merely a lack of
ambition? What position did the king bestow on him?
Matthew 20:20–28: What is the path to greatness in the kingdom of God? How did the
disciples’ mother posture for position, and how did Jesus respond to their desire to be
recognized? What does it mean to be a servant or slave?
Philippians 2:3–11: How did Jesus demonstrate the pathway He wants His disciples to walk?
What do you learn in this passage about the humility of Christ? In light of that, how are we to
live? Define selfish ambition. What is it? Define conceit. Who do you know who demonstrates
conceit? How are these in opposition to the way Jesus lived His life?
Daniel 6:25–28: How did God reward Daniel for his humble service? What does this teach us
about the character of God?
1 Corinthians 5:9–13: What does this passage teach us about engaging the world we live in?
How does Paul say we should act toward those who are in the church, but are practicing sin?
How does knowing God will judge those outside the church help you to love them?

Luke 6:27–36: How should we interact with those we perceive as our enemies? How did Jesus
exemplify His own teaching here?
2 Timothy 2:24–26: We live in a quarrelsome world. But what does this passage tell us to do
instead? How is this sometimes the opposite of how the church acts toward outsiders? Why do
you think this is? What role does fear play in the way we treat those who don’t yet know Jesus?
Jeremiah 29:4–7: What is our mandate as exiles on this earth? How does this encouragement
help you to love your unbelieving neighbors? How does it changed the way you are to view your
neighborhood, your city?
Who are three people in your life who don’t yet know Jesus?
Deeper walk
Select at least one activity below to complete during the next week.
• Personal Action: Keep your list of three people in a prominent place this week. Pray for them
every time you eat, when you shower, and when you go to sleep.
• Mentoring: We forget that God can work through anyone. If it’s possible, approach an
unbelieving friend and ask them what they know about humility. Ask how you can become more
• Conversation: Instead of talking, this week show your heart for service and watch and see
what happens. Open doors. Pay for the person behind you in line. Let someone cut you off in
traffic. Then notice the reactions. Sometimes the
loudest conversation for the gospel is servant-inspired action.
• Memorization: Write James 4:10 on a small piece of paper. Place it on your mirror so you’re
reminded about humility and God’s role in your life as you start your day.
• Pray: Ask God to intervene in the lives of those who are far from Him. Pray that He would
give you the humility to be more understanding, to serve others, and pray for those who
persecute you. Ask for an extra dose of kindness this week.
Read: For deeper study on the topics read John 13 how to learn humility.