Good Friday Online Service

Thank  you for joining us for our online Good Friday Service.  The video above will automatically begin playing once we go live on Friday, April 10, 2020 at 7:30 PM.  So be sure to leave this page on just before then, or by going to our YouTube Channel.  You can also watch the video on your TV if you own a smart TV or a streaming device such as Roku, Apple TV, or Gaming Console that has YouTube app built in.  When you are in the YouTube app, just search for “Grace Community Church of Monterey Park” and select our church.  Then look for upcoming videos.

Order of Service

Welcome and Opening Prayer 歡迎與禱告
Worship 讚美詩
Message 信息 – The 4 Cups of Good Friday 基督受苦節的四個杯

Communion 主餐 (make sure to have your elements ready!)
Prayer and Reflection Activity


We will be leading any believers in a time of communion, so please prepare the bread and cup to take at home.  It does not have to be bread and wine, but can be anything that you choose to eat and drink as part of our remembrance.  In fact, we encourage you and your family/household to set aside some time and enjoy a meal together as part of your own fellowship.


Prayer and Reflection Activity

You may do this after the live portion of the stream, or at anytime.  Make sure to gather some materials ahead of time.我們有一個清單,上面列出了你在這些活動中需要的一些材料,請提前收集:

Post-its, notecards, or paper 便利貼或紙張
Pen/Pencil 筆
Candles 蠟燭
Bitter food (black coffee, kale, bitter melon) 苦味食物(黑咖啡、Kale、苦瓜)
Sweet food (candy or fruit) 甜食(糖果或水果)

Stuff for the Kids to Do

This activity book has lots of activities for very young children, to older ones including coloring pages, word searches, and fun and simple Bible stories from all the events surrounding Easter.