Message Title: Two Realities in Conflict
Message Series: Identity Theft
Message Texts: 2 Corinthians 5:6-7
Pastor David Arghir

Message Outline:

I.) Accepting the Lie
The issue:
– Following the lie brought a new truth about us.
– Not only have we done bad…we are bad. Our guilt and shame have become our new identity.

The result:
-We hide from ourselves, others and God.

II.) Accepting the Truth

The answer: Choose to walk by faith not sight.
Sight = Blame others for where we are today.
Faith = Own what we have done and confess it.

Sight = Believe that we are what we have done.
Faith = Daily remind ourselves of how God sees us.

Sight = Continue to hide from ourselves, others and God.
Faith = Accept a greater truth and live in that light.