Message Title: 基督的真理: 愛勝於恨 Love or Hate: Redemptive Principle of Christ’s Love
Message Texts 經文: John 約3:14-21


A) 基督真理 愛的原則: Redemptive Principle of Christ’s love

  1. 神終極的大愛與罪人得赦 Gods ultimate love and salvation of sinners
  2. 原初和最後的審判: 被丟棄排斥受刑罰 Initial and final judgement—rejection and condemnation
  3. 差派愛耶穌降世: 為要拯救罪人 Christ was sent not to condemn but to save
  4. 罪人避真光: 愛黑暗,拒绝聽從靠 神 Sinners avoid light and love darkness—refuse to obey God

B) 屬靈教訓及對教會挑戰: Spiritual lesson and the challenges to the church

  1. 要親近耶穌– 喜愛並敬拜 Draw near to God—love and obey Him
  2. 要知道認識和信靠 神 To know and trust God
  3. 行出真理– 愛真光,並討 神的喜悅 Practice truth—Love the light and please God