Message Title 信息: God Shall Arise 神將出擊
Scripture Passage 經文: Psalm 68 詩篇 68
Pastor Nick Tam

Outline 大綱:
1. God the Father is Our Mighty Protector and Provider (vv. 5-10) 父神是我們大能的守護者和供應者(5-10節)
2. God Gives Victory Over Our Enemies (vv. 11-18) 神為我們戰勝了敵人(11-18節)
3. God Delivers Us From Death and Destruction (vv. 19-23) 神救我們脫離死亡和毀滅(19-23節)
4. A Call to Praise a Victorious and Powerful God (vv. 1-4, 24-35) 該以讚美回應得勝大能的神(1-4、24-35節)