MESSAGE SERIES: Restoration of the Church
Message: Rebuilding Our Walls
Text: Nehemiah 1:1-7
Pastor Nick Tam

1) Rebuilding Is Hard Work (vv. 1-3)
a. God Has Placed You Right Where You Need to Be
b. Don’t Wait for Others to Start
c. Have a Heart for the Things of God

II.) Rebuilding Demands Prayer (vv. 4-7)
a. Acknowledge God’s Greatness (v. 5)
b. Remind God of His Promises (v.5-6)
c. Confessing Your Sins (v. 6-7)

III.) Rebuilding Starts with You (Application)
a. It’s Easy to Blame Others, but harder to admit our own faults.
b. You Can’t Change or Control Anyone Else, Only God Can
c. When You Change, Others Will Change