Message Title 信息: How to Experience the Grace of Suffering 如何經歷受苦的恩
Message Series 講道系列: Called To… 被召喚
Message Texts 經文: 1 Peter 彼前4:1-19
Rev. Samuel Yau 邱道聖牧師

Message Outline 大綱:

  1. 受苦後變得更能順從神的旨意 4:1-2
    Suffering leading to submission to God’s will
  2. 是因為生命更像基督而被毀謗受苦 4:3-6
    Suffering caused by a Christlikeness living
  3. 與基督一同受苦 – 苦中有樂、苦後更樂 4:12-13
    Suffering with Christ – but rejoicing now and then
  4. 以「為基督受苦」來經歷神的榮耀 4:14-18
    Suffering with Christ to experience God’s glory
  5. 在神裡受苦的人能堅定前行 4:19
    Suffering with Christ but still firmly moving forward