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Welcome to the Journey!

The mission of Grace Church is to lead people to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of His truth and the love of His people.

Connection is a core value of Grace Community church. We desire people to connect to God, each other, and to the community.

We believe life change happens best in the context of a small group called a Life Group. We are inviting you to pray and seek God’s direction to join a Life Group, or joining the Leadership team by becoming a Life Group leader.

Life Groups

  • ALPHA Youths (6th-12th grade) | Fridays @ 8 PM
  • Young Adult College (YAC) | Thursdays @ 7 PM
  • Evergreen (Cantonese) | Wednesdays @ 11 AM
  • English Adults | Even Week Tuesdays @ 7:30PM
  • Chinese Adults (Cantonese) | Fridays @ 7:15 PM

If you would like to join one of our Life Groups, please fill out a form on our Get Connected page and indicate which age group you are interested in.

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