Life Group Homework/ Bible Study & Food for Thought
生活小組作業 /聖經學習和 精神食糧

(Questions and Scriptures for further study 進一步研究的問題和經文)

Quick Review 快速回顧

Looking back at your notes from this week teaching, was there anything new you learned or anything that caught your attention, challenged you?

Read Philippians 腓立比書 1:1-5

Life Group Questions
Digging Deeper 深入研
(If you are a leader please make sure you choose the most relevant questions from this list. Keep in mind that your discussion is about transformation and not information) (如果您是領導者,請確保您從此列表中選擇最相關的問題。 請記住,您的討論是關於轉變而不是資料):


  1. How would you define love? Be specific and try to share with you group the meaning of the word/ concept/ idea.
  2. What part of your childhood mother’s love to you comes fresh/ or is real in your mind? ( it could be anything, a nice cake, an ice-cream, a nice meal, a nice toy, car, or a vacation?)
  3. Read Phil. 1 and discuss Paul’s relational love with church family of Philippi.
  4. Pastor David spoke of a rule of dedication/ separation. Can we love someone without dedication?
  5. Rule of centrality- love has an object. When we love, we aim exactly where we want. If you like often in the American culture we use “love” a certain type of car you aim to that one.
  6. Where is your love aiming to? Is somehow Jesus out of your target?
  7. Rule of connection: you cannot love and be an island. You need church and a family. Where do you see yourself in this love relationship?
  8. Understand the church is not a perfect place. God loves us and He intends us to grow in love. How is church or ministry a transformational place for you to grow in love?