Dear Church Family,
I’m sure many of you are aware of the situation unfolding in Afghanistan. You may have seen disheartening reports and images on the news recently.  It deeply saddens me to see the violence, senseless loss of life, and displacement of the people in the country.  What is even more concerning is hearing how Afghani Christians are among the most vulnerable in the nation and currently going into hiding.  Over the years, Christians grew in numbers and even started to register their religious affiliation on their national identity cards, which is basically needed to travel anywhere and everywhere.  With the Taliban’s recent takeover of Afghanistan, believers will be easily identified and they will experience heavy persecution.
I would like to ask that you take 10-20 minutes today in prayer individually or as a family for the situation.  As believers, we can support our brothers and sisters in Christ through the power of prayer because in a hopeless situation, I believe God will bring hope.  Pray specifically for their protection and for safe passage out of the country.  There are many organizations trying to get them out as soon as possible.  Pray for the country and all the people during this crisis
I’ve included a prayer guide that is being circulated among Southern Baptist Church groups.  If you wish to give financial support, you can give at Send Relief that will help Afghan refugees .  Please be mindful of any organization asking for money, and make sure you know exactly how the funds are being used.

相信你們很多人都知道阿富汗所發生的局勢。 最近你可能在新聞中看到了令人沮喪的報導和圖片。 當看到該國人民的暴力、毫無意義的人命損失和流離失所,我深感悲痛。 令人更擔憂的是聽到在阿富汗的基督徒如何成為該國最脆弱的族群,目前他們正在躲藏起來。 多年來,基督徒人數不斷增加,甚至開始在他們的國民身份證上登記他們的宗教信仰,基本上這是到處旅行所需要的。 隨著塔利班最近接管阿富汗,信徒將很容易被識別,他們將受到嚴重的迫害。

我想請你們今天花 10-20 分鐘 獨自或整個家庭為此一同禱告。 作為信徒,我們可以通過祈禱的力量支持我們在基督裡的弟兄姊妹,因為在絕望的情況下,我相信上帝會帶來希望。 特別為著保護他們及能夠安全出境作出禱告。 有許多組織試圖盡快讓他們離開。 在這場危機中為國家和所有人民祈禱。

我已附上了一份在美南浸信會聯會中的祈禱指南。 如果您想提供經濟支援,請告訴我, 我可以為你聯繫一些在當地提供幫助的組織。請注意任何要求資金的組織,並確保你確切瞭解資金的使用情況。

Thank you brothers and sisters! 感謝各弟兄姊妹們!
In Christ 在基督裡,
Pastor Nick
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  “All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish.  Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them.  Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all.”
你 不 要 害 怕 , 因 為 我 與 你 同 在 ; 不 要 驚 惶 , 因 為 我 是 你 的 神 。 我 必 堅 固 你 , 我 必 幫 助 你 ; 我 必 用 我 公 義 的 右 手 扶 持 你 。 凡 向 你 發 怒 的 必 都 抱 愧 蒙 羞 ; 與 你 相 爭 的 必 如 無 有 , 並 要 滅 亡 。與 你 爭 競 的 , 你 要 找 他 們 也 找 不 著 ; 與 你 爭 戰 的 必 如 無 有 , 成 為 虛 無 。
Isaiah 以 賽 亞 書 41:10-12