Message Title 信息: A Call to Remember & Praise 記念與讚美
Message Series 講道系列: Called To… 被召喚
Message Texts 經文: Psalm 詩篇 105:1-4
Pastor Chris Yue 余賜興牧師

Message Outline 大綱:

A. Introduction 言導引:

  1. Living in pain and sufferings because of the Fall 人生路途, 世事難測, 因罪的原故, 世上有苦痛
  2. Discover and be reminded of the wonderous acts of God 信徒要考察處世目的
  3. Remember God’s protection and provisions 詩歌作者回想記念神恩

B. The Psalm compels us to recall 詩篇勸勉提示:

  1. Reviewing God’s mighty acts to save and restore 昔日上帝師領以民出為奴之地
  2. Recalling God has done miracles 神供應, 保守衪子民
  3. Reminding God’s gracious love 常常歌頌神
  4. Warning not to rely on our own strength 不要依賴自己個人力量

C. Spiritual Lessons 屬靈訓誨:

  1. Sing praises to the Most High among nations 在萬國中, 頌揚神美名
  2. Proclaim His unfailing love & Mighty Power 每日追求神力量