The Lord’s Year 主歴 2022

Motto 座右銘: “ That fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you…”「 第五十年要作為你們的禧年……」(Leviticus 利未記 25:11)

There are many momentous events in life, and some are immortalized by cameras or cell phones. Later the memories are accessed at the move of fingers to recall those events. Time cannot be moved by fingers but scrolling pictures at the move of fingers recall those moments with vividness. Scrolling through the memories there are significant ones. The moment that marks the coming of a baby in a family remains as a joy and blessing. The day when a student graduate is marked by recognition certificate and a special graduation ceremony. The announcement of each student name is sober sound, applauses and music. The wonderful day of weeding is marked by the special moment when vows are exchanged. And life goes on. But life has also significant events as family as well as big church Family. Grace Community Church marked jubilee year on Fall 2022 considering the three special angles.

In the past, Grace Community Church begun its journey small and located in downtown of the city of Angels. As a beacon of light church continued to serve through deacons, ministers regardless of its setting. After moving in Monterey Park, CA, the church has become a voice for this town. This was a season of establishment and a building that became a place of permanent services and concluded this season: “The LORD has helped us to this point.” (1 Samuel 7:12)

The present season is best described as transition. A transition that has its challenges and opportunities. As Israel was in transition from past wilderness generation to new generation entering the promised land, so Grace Community Church is in transition. This season can be described by the word „now.” As apostle Paul said: „and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God.” ( Galatians 2:20) and now Grace Church embraced the vision to live for Christ by loving neighbors and by the power of His word.

The future is unknown and unpredictable but Grace Community church lives with hope in His promises. As the faithful sower scatters the seed with the hope of harvest similarly the church has the desire to continue to plant the seed of love and Christ’s word. The vision is to lead every person to a life changing relationship through the power of His word and by the love of His people with the hope of a greater blessed future. The promise of our Lord Jesus is that He is with us, and His blessings continue despite of a gloomy news. The sun of His glory will pierce every dark cloud and will bring light into this world. Amen.


在過去的階段,浸信會救恩堂開始是一個位於羅省市中心的小教會。通過執事們和牧師們的不懈努力,教會成為了基督的燈塔。搬到蒙市後救恩堂已經成為這個城市的聲音。這是一個建立的階段,教會也擁有了敬拜主屬於自己的會堂。這階段的結尾是 「 到如今耶和華都幫助我們。」(撒母耳記上7:12)

在現今的階段,用轉變來形容再合適不過了。轉變既有挑戰也有機遇。正如以色列從過去的曠野世代過渡轉變到進入應許之地的新世代,浸信會救恩堂也在轉變中。這個階段可以用「如今」這個詞來形容。正如使徒保羅所說 「 我如今在肉身活著、是因信 神的兒子而活(加拉太書2:20) 」。現在浸信會救恩堂接受了異象,憑著愛鄰舍的精神和神大能的真理,為基督而活。



Pastors Aaron Yeung (Cantonese Pastor) 楊家逵牧師, David Arghir 大衛牧師 (English Pastor), and Nick Tam 譚世傑牧師 (Outreach & Youth Pastor); Deacons Lily Kwok and Wilson Chiu 郭周穎文執事和趙龍淵執事