Life Group Homework/ Bible Study & Food for Thought

(Questions and Scriptures for further study )

Quick Review 

Looking back at your notes from this week teaching, was there anything new you learned or anything that caught your attention, challenged you?

Read Philippians 1:12–24

Life Group Questions
Digging Deeper
(If you are a leader please make sure you choose the most relevant questions from this list. Keep in mind that your discussion is about transformation and not information) 

  1. Describe the most significant event of your life that shaped you?
  2. In life, there are many factors that shape our lives. Name some of them and reflect on how these factors can affect your thinking, mood, lifestyle, and even your decisions.
  3. Read Phil. 1:18-24 and see if you can identify Paul’s expectations about his future.
  4. What expectations do you have in contrast to Paul’s expectations?
  5. Pastor David talked about the analogy with telescope and microscope. Describe the function of both tools and how can we magnify Jesus in the light of the function of these tools?
  6. Do not hold too much on this world! Life is full of surprises, thus, think more of next life.  So, what can you do to use this world properly and not to become like the world?
  7. Is you allow the Gospel to shape your life, then your life has encountered a life-changing event. Why is important to allow the Gospel to shape our lives?