Life Group Homework/ Bible Study & Food for Thought
生活小組作業 /聖經學習和 精神食糧

(Questions and Scriptures for further study 進一步研究的問題和經文)

Quick Review 快速回顧

Looking back at your notes from this week teaching, was there anything new you learned or anything that caught your attention, challenged you?

Read Matthew 馬太福音 13:1-9; 18-22

Life Group Questions
Digging Deeper 深入研
(If you are a leader please make sure you choose the most relevant questions from this list. Keep in mind that your discussion is about transformation and not information) (如果您是領導者,請確保您從此列表中選擇最相關的問題。 請記住,您的討論是關於轉變而不是資料):

  1. What is the most captivating story/ fable you heard? Share it in your group. 你聽過的最動人的故事/寓言是什麼? 在小組中分享。
  2. Why would Jesus use this kind of graphic messages from agricultural context? 耶穌為什麼會使用這種來自農業背景的圖形資訊?
  3. What does the seed stand for and why is God reckless in scattering the seed? What does it really mean? 種子代表什麼?為什麼上帝會魯莽地撒下種子?這到底是什麼意思?
  4. The harvest is going to be great; God already is winning this world; the harvest is coming. So, what stops you to be part of God’s mission in winning this world for him? 收成會很大;上帝已經贏得了這個世界;收成就要來了。那麼,是什麼阻止你成為上帝為他贏得這個世界的使命的一部分呢?
  5. What kind of soil are you? What king of heart do you have? (do not try to make it look like special, we are all sinners and corrupted. 你是什麼樣的土壤?你有哪顆心?(不要試圖讓它看起來特別,我們都是罪人和腐敗的人。- Are you a closed heart? ( soil path?) 你是一個封閉的人嗎?(土壤路徑?)
    – Are you a afraid (rocky soil?) 你害怕(岩石土壤?)
    – Are you often distracted? (the soil with thorns) 你經常分心嗎?(帶刺的土壤)
    – Are you a good soil? 你是好土嗎?
  6. Real Galatians 5: 22 and this is the fruit God expects you to produce. 真加拉太書5:22 這是上帝希望你們結出的果子。