GCC Connected | September 2021
Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Welcome to a New Church Year! 再見了 夏天,你好啊 秋天!歡迎來到新的教會年!

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well, and enjoying the long Labor Day weekend! As summer closes, and fall comes around the corner, want to share a few updates with you all as we start our new church year!

  • Our services will continue to be combined with translations at 11am in our sanctuary. While we are live streaming our services, we highly encourage you to worship with us in-person as we miss seeing each and every one of your smiles! We still have safety protocols in place, and we ask that you wear your masks indoors at all times.
  • This month we will be starting a variety of fellowships and Life Groups. This Thursday, we will be starting two new Life Groups for English Adults and Young Adult College groups. Starting Friday, September 17th, we will be restarting our Team KID and ALPHA Youth groups online. Please see the attached listing of all our weekly virtual fellowships to see the meeting URLs, date and time. We hope you will actively pursue connection with your church body as Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages us to do. Invites will be sent to respective groups with more information.
  • We hope to eventually have in person fellowships soon, but we will notify you all of changes when the time comes.
  • Pastor David will be starting a new preaching series on Ephesians: The Gospel of Relationships. We encourage you to also read through this book to help with your understanding and discussion during life group/fellowship times.
  • Just a reminder that any offering specified for Love fund this week will be going toward the Afghanistan crisis via Send Relief. The money will be used to help Afghan refugees as they resettle in communities around the world. We thank you for your generosity during this great time of need.

We look forward to reconnecting and growing with all of you this upcoming year! We are constantly praying for each of you that God’s mighty work would be done in and through you.



  • 我們的服務繼續在上午 11 點在我們的教堂英粵語翻譯聯合舉行。歡迎大家觀看我們的直播服務,並鼓勵你親自與我們一起敬拜,因為我們想念你們每一個的微笑!我們制定了安全規程,並必須要在室內佩戴口罩。
  • 今個月我們將開辨各種團契和生活小組。本週四我們將為英文青年和大學生的小組開設兩個新的生活團契。從 9 月 17 日星期五開始,我們將重新開始 Team KID 和 ALPHA 青年組線上見面。 請參閱隨附件所提供 每週線上團契列表,以查看網絡會議、日期 及 時間。 希望像希伯來書 第10章24-25節 那樣鼓勵我們積極尋求與教會團體的聯繫。
  • 我們期待著盡快能與所有人都可以親自崇拜和聚會,在時機成熟時並通知大家有關我們的變更。
  • 大衛牧師將開始新的以弗所書講道系列:福音的關係。 我們鼓勵你也經常讀這本書,以幫助你在生活小組 / 團契期間進行理解和討論。
  • 溫馨提示, 本週的愛心基金指定捐款將提供通過 救濟 以幫助應對阿富汗危機。這筆錢將用於幫助阿富汗難民在世界各地的社區重新定居。感謝你們為這個需要幫助的重要時刻作出慷慨解囊。

我們期待在即將來到的一年與大家重新建立聯繫並共同成長!我們不斷為你們每個人祈禱, 願神的大能在你們身上並通過你們來完成這偉大的工作。